Celine Dion Likes Morning Sickness

Celine Dion
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When Celine Dion has morning sickness, she doesn't complain. In fact, she welcomes it.

"The first two months I really felt the classical symptoms. The morning sickness, hot flashes, nausea," Dion, who is pregnant with twins, told French magazine Paris Match. "In a certain way, that reassured me, like a sign that my pregnancy was progressing." 


Many women, especially those like me who have had experienced a miscarriage, can completely empathize. Because no matter how awful you feel, it's at least some feedback from the baby that he's in there and doing his thing.

Dion's pregnancy is the result of the sixth round of IVF she underwent to get pregnant. She said if this one hadn't worked, they wouldn't have tried again.

"We believed in trying one more time," she said. "If [the doctor] had told me that my body was too tired, I would have given up." 

She also told the magazine that she and husband Rene Angelil will raise the new babies in the same manner as they did with son, Rene-Charles, who is now 9. That means sleeping in their room for the first year and no nannies.

"Too many people in the house disorient children," Dion said.

Next up -- finding out the sex of the babies, which should happen any day now. I'm feeling some girl vibes, I think.

If you had morning sickness, did you welcome it?


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