Push It Real Good and 3 More Maternity Tops That Push the Envelope

Push it real good
Photo from Belly 9
There's no time like pregnancy to wear a shirt with some self deprecating humor.

But some tops take it over the edge. Here are a few tees that make us think you're a Mom who's not going to let the party stop till the baby walks in.

1. Push it Real Good Tee. Nothing cutesy about this Salt N Pepa reference -- it's only for the sexy people.








i miss beer
Photo from CafePress
2. I Miss Beer Tee. Our condolences to your beer distributorship. Apparently his sales are down 30 percent this quarter.






birth control
Photo from Zazzle
3. Birth Control Definition Tee. It's what you didn't have . . . and now you will.







Got some Irish in me
Photo from Zazzle
4. Got Some Irish in Me and Now I'm Knocked Up Tee. Because you're never too grown up for penis jokes, are you?






Would you wear any of these?

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