Steele: Baby Name of the Day

Photo from Mommy Q
Every once in awhile you hear a baby name that's so unusual you have to ask where it came from -- because it totally rocks.

So I asked my friend Cathy, the fabulous Mommy Q, how she and her husband came up with Steele for their little boy.

Turns out, it's not even his original name!


"Believe it or not, our oldest son went by the name Jacob for the first few weeks of his life. I got tired of all of the other Jacobs and Jakes running around, so we switched to his middle name, Steele," Cathy explained.

The hard as nails name is actually the little boy's great-great-grandfather's. "People either love it or hate it. Most people like it and our family really loves it now," she says.

A little bonus: Baby shares his initials with Dad!

Do you have a baby name that's a major throwback?


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