Mario Lopez's Daddy Reality Show

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Flickr photo by thrillscience
Look out Kate Gosselin! Mario Lopez and girlfriend Courtney Mazza are expecting a baby -- and a reality show about their new family. Lopez feels there's a lot of reality shows that highlight moms and wants to show the other side of parenting -- the dad side!

He's got a point. Kourtney Kardashian, Kendra Wilkinson, and Bethenny Frankel all have popular shows that reveal what it's like to be a mom and we hardly ever see dad in the spotlight.That's about to change thanks to Lopez.

What will the show reveal?


It will document Lopez day-to-day, diaper-to-diaper. "It follows me through juggling everything and wanting to learn. There's so much out there for women but not so much for men, and I want to be a very hands-on dad. I think having a humorous but informative way to tell that story would be great for a show," Lopez told People.

Will you tune in? Do you think parents should reel it in when it comes to exposing their lives and the lives of their babies on television?

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