Wax Your Bikini With Sugar

Pregnant, Bikini
Flickr photo by bartospuntocom
When I was pregnant I wondered if I could get waxed down there regularly. Before I headed to the spa, I asked my OB-GYN, Dr. Anna Collado, if it was safe -- she said yes, but she also warned me it might hurt. Well, of course, waxing hurts! Hurt more, she continued.

I asked why and she told me ...


Since there's more blood flowing to your skin and in particular, in your pubic area -- I'd surely be more sensitive down there. She said the hot wax might burn a little more (great news, doc!) and that the tugging and ripping of the strips might have a bigger bite. She also cautioned, I could have some visible broken blood vessels. Eeeeps!

This news made me almost nix waxing and settle on being all natural -- but I just couldn't do it, so I consulted with the technician at the spa. She recommended sugar wax because it's all natural (made from sugar and lemon juice). Even better, sugar wax doesn't stick to the skin, so no live skin cells are removed, nixing irritation. An added bonus is that sugar wax is lukewarm not hot, like traditional wax, so it won't shock the skin.

Did it hurt? I felt it, sure, but it was less painful than hot wax. Now I choose sugar wax even though I'm not expecting. The Brazilian Bikini Wax -- Would You Dare?

Have you tried sugar wax? What do you think?

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