5 Funniest Pregnancy Movies

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Let's face it, there is a lot that is funny about pregnancy.

Of course, those laughs are not always had by the pregnant woman herself. After all, we are the ones that get to experience the flatulence, swollen ankles, waddling walk and inability to regulate temperature that causes other to guffaw.

Of course, one thing most pregnant women do like is to find thing that make them laugh, too. 

And what better way then on the couch, with a tall glass lemonade and a movie that makes us laugh? If that movie also helps us laugh at our flatulence, swollen ankles, miserable heat and waddle? All the better!

So, I give you the five funniest movies about pregnancy. Expect to laugh and if you don't laugh, at least expect not to cry (until the end at least, after all, all funny pregnancy movies promise the best, most beautiful ending of all). They are:


Scene from Knocked Up
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Knocked Up
Warning: After I saw Knocked Up, I think I finally understood the phrase "pee your pants funny." Because this movie? Definitely pee your pants funny. So pregnant ladies with incontinence issues? Be forewarned. This is one seriously hilarious movie. Starring Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogan as a couple who get accidentally pregnant during a one night stand, this movie tackles some pretty heavy emotion with some pretty strong laughs. Highly recommended, particularly toward the end of pregnancy. Of course, the end is a tearjerker, but one can assume that is true of all these movies.

Waitress - This movie will make you hungry. And it will make you smile. The story of a giftedWaitress Movie Poster
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pie making waitress in a small town who is miserable in her abusive marriage and not happy at all about her pregnancy does not sound like the makings of a great comedy, but actress Keri Russell brings levity and determination to a role that might have otherwise been just depressing. This movie has the bonus of nice eye (and pie) candy. Beware: you will want to have a pie in the fridge for immediately after viewing. Trust me on this.

Father of the Bride Part 2 - Anything with Steve Martin and Martin Short is bound to be funny and while this is sappy in the extreme and may depress those of us whose families are not quite so squeaky clean and picture perfect, there are some really classic lines and funny sequences. I dare you not to laugh when Martin Short's character Frank gives Steve Martin's George Banks a tranquilizer.

Photo of Juno
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- This movie will not be that easy for most to relate to -- 16-year-old Juno played by Ellen Page becomes pregnant and decides to give her baby up for adoption to a couple played by Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman. The writing is fierce, the teenagers savvy and the laughs plentiful. Plus it has a rockin' soundtrack that will make you feel cool even while you waddle.

Fools Rush In - This movie is lesser known than some of the others, but is cute and funny and I am a sucker for any movie that shows the culture clash that ensues when families from such different backgrounds are joined by marriage. Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry play a couple who have a one-night stand that results in pregnancy. She is Mexican and he is a Wasp from Connecticut. Together, the two try to juggle their differences while also getting to know eachother and prepare for the baby.

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