Pregnancy Symptoms: Urinary Incontinence (Fun!)

pregnancy incontinence

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Has it happened to you yet? If it hasn't, it probably will. When you cough, sneeze, or laugh, you feel a little leaking stream of urine -- that's urinary incontinence. One of the many less-than-glamorous symptoms of pregnancy. So what's up with that?


First of all, the leaking pee thing is totally normal -- not fun, but normal. Almost all pregnant women experience it. And you've got your growing uterus to thank -- as your uterus expands, pressure on your bladder builds and there's less room to store urine. So when you cough or sneeze, out a little comes. (It may continue post-pregnancy, too.)

You just want to make sure it's urine (the smell will tell you) and not amniotic fluid, which would be clear and odorless. If you think there's a possibility it might be amniotic fluid, ring your doc right away. But chances are good it's just plain old pee!

What might help? Practicing those Kegel exercises you keep hearing about (it's just tightening and releasing the muscles of the pelvic floor -- this will help prepare you for childbirth, too.)

Incontinence and more frequent discharges of other fun kinds, especially later in pregnancy, are a good reason to consider stashing a couple of spare panty liners in your purse.

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And what's going on with you? What annoying pregnancy symptom are you dealing with this week?

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