Housework Bad for Pregnant Women and 7 More Things You Can Skip

Flickr photo by christitaylor
This is it ladies: Housework has officially been deemed bad for pregnant women.

Why couldn't this study have come out five years and nine months ago asks this mother of an about to turn 5-year-old.

British researchers determined "the 'boring and repetitive' nature of household chores raises the odds of giving birth prematurely."

So put that vacuum away and pull out the bon bons! And while you're at it, here are more things you can skip while you're pregnant:


1. Cleaning your cat's litterbox. The word toxoplasmosis never sounded so sweet.

2. Making dinner. Let's face it, you're too tired to do much more than microwave and who really wants to risk it, right?

3. Yard work. Fertilizers and pesticides are no-nos for preggos.

4. Painting the baby's room. Although paints for at-home use are thought to have low levels of toxins, the American Pregnancy Association still recommends finding someone else to do the deed.

5. Trips to the amusement park. Fun for kids, these wide-open spaces filled with teeming masses of people (aka lots of body heat) are the third circle of hell for a pregnant woman in the summer. There's no study that definitively says the roller coaster is bad for a pregnant woman, but there's none that says they're safe either. Work the condition, girl.

6. Getting glitzy. Between hair dye fears and the absolute impossibility of shaving down there when you're out to here, let's face it, if you want to wear a pair of cut-off sweatpants and leave your hair long, it's your time to look like crap.

7. Creepy critter removal. Now is the one time you can shriek like a 2-year-old at the sight of a snake in the basement, chipmunk in the attic, or mouse in the kitchen. The risk of salmonella, rabies, and more pose a significant danger to your fetus, so you can make someone else touch it!

What have you used your pregnancy to get out of doing?

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