Al: Baby Name of the Day

cat eye
Flickr photo by Axel Rouvin

When I was pregnant, I loved the name Chloe for a girl, but I crossed it off the list almost as soon as it crossed my mind because it was also the name of my good friend's dog and I just couldn't ... do that.

I share the same name with a dog that belongs to a relative of my husband in Ireland -- named before they knew me -- and that's hard enough when we're visiting: "Cynthia, get yer bloody nose outta the rubbish this instant er I'em gonna hafta tan yer sorry li'ul ..."

Awkward, that. Ah, so then, already claimed pet names were out, including Al. Not after Al Gore -- the Internet didn't even exist yet :) -- but short for Alec. Often called Allie. My cat.


As there were also no digital cameras back in the days that he died, I don't have a picture, but trust me: He was the most beautiful cat and the most trusted friend that ever lived.

Still, I couldn't name my child after him.

For one, it would evoke painful memories. My cat died a pretty painful death from what we think was lung cancer.

Second, no matter how much we like to think of our pets as human, as one of the family, there's still that little species deferential ... baby ... kitten ... that makes it seem so ... wrong.

Are you with me on this? Would you -- have you -- named a child after a pet, either yours or someone else's?

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