Katy Perry Threatens to Get Pregnant ... To Get a Break

Katy Perry
Flickr photo by Alexandra Campo
Katy Perry feels overworked, so she's reportedly threatening her record label with pregnancy.

Yes, seriously.

"I've told them not to p*** me off and if they continue to push me harder, I'll just get pregnant. I have the power to have unprotected sex!" she told The Sun.

Um, yeah, because having a baby is going to be so much less work?! Katy, you may want to try some babysitting before you sign up for a relaxing stay in newborn land.


Perry's fiancé Russell Brand seems down with the idea of child ... only he has his own ideas on what kind of child they should have.

"Of course we are going to have a child some day. I'm hoping for a hybrid creature, something from Greek mythology like a satyr," The Daily Express quoted him as saying.

If you're not up on your mythology, a satyr is a half-human, half-beast creature with features of a goat. Hmmm ...

A joke, one can only hope, or a result of the toll the wedding planning stress is taking on him? Perry calls Brand "Groomzilla,"/ saying, he's "totally into" the wedding and "frankly insane about it all."

"We go out for breakfast and he has to stop at a newsstand and get a glossy bridal magazine," she told The Mirror. "Then all through breakfast he's talking about dresses and even designing the monograms. He is way over his head with excitement. I think the first thing we should do is set a date."

Let the baby bump watch begin.

Can you imagine a baby being less work than any other job?


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