Fetus in a Cocktail Glass: Would This Stop You From Drinking?

italian fetus in a glass poster

Behold a new public service announcement in Italy: This poster of a fetus in a cocktail glass beneath ice cubes and a slice of orange in a drink called a "spritz" is designed to stop women in the Veneto region of Italy to quit drinking while pregnant.

At least one official says it's in bad taste, that it gives a distorted image of women and expectant moms in particular. Do you agree or not?


The Veneto, which includes Venice, has Italy's second highest rate of alcohol consumption, with around 67 percent of women saying they drink regularly. Apparently, prenatal drinking is a problem all throughout Europe. About 80 percent of women in the UK drink while pregnant, upping the risk of birth defects and fetal alcohol syndrome.

I didn't need a scary poster to stop me from drinking while pregnant, but it certainly does get the message across: When you drink, your baby drinks. There's also a very likely chance it would turn me off a "spritz" -- white wine, Campari and a shot of sparkling water -- forever, as that image has staying power.

In the U.S., about half of all women report drinking while pregnant. Some experts believe it's due to mixed messages about moderate drinking during pregnancy being safe. 

Do you drink while pregnant? How do you know you're not causing any harm?

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