Cosima: Baby Name of the Day

claudia schiffer pregnant on school run
Photo from Splash News

Claudia Schiffer named her new baby girl Cosima Violet.

A pretty-looking name.

Not an easy-to-say name.

I'll bet it sounds lovely in a German accent, but this silly American is having a hard time finding the right emphasis: Co-sima. Cosi-ma. Co-si-ma. Cos-ma.

It's not rolling off the tongue for me. This would have been an issue for us.


My daughter has what I feel is the easiest name in the world to say -- Carolyn. There's really only one way to place the emphasis. Caro-lyn. Not Ca-rolyn or Carol-yn. Just Caro-lyn.

But when she was first born, as much as my husband liked the name, he got tongue-tied saying it. He sort of slurred over the R sound, but it was still recognizable. I could never understand why that gave him so much trouble.

When my son, who was a toddler at the time of his little sister's arrival, attempted to say it, the name came out -- Callyn. The "R-O" was completely missing. He pronounced his sister's name this way until quite recently, and it really started to grow on me.

The funny thing is, now that everyone in the family has found their R sound and can pronounce my daughter's given name correctly, we've all taken to her name minus the R. She's often called Callie or Cal now.

Maybe Cosima will someday become Cossi or Coz or Co-Vi or some other concoction of the letters. Or maybe she will just be Cosima, because however her mother and father chose to pronounce it, it will be beautiful.

Are you worried that people might mispronounce the name you're picking for your baby?

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