Viral Video: 'She Gotta Bump' Celebrates All the Preggy Ladies

I have a favorite new viral video. It's about a guy who looks like a tall Peter Dinklage who loves "PILFs" – in other words, he's hot for pregnant ladies. It's called "She Gotta Bump," and it is Hi. Lar. I. Ous.

Created and directed by Rob Pearlstein, it's a heartwarming tale of a man who loves women who have babies inside them, and features touching lyrics like "Your belly’s looking fine and your extra weight nice, I wish that I could make you pregnant twice," not to mention "I’ll be real gentle and there’ll be no rushin’, To make sure we avoid a fetal concussion."

Genius. Idiotic genius. Or is that just my hormones talking? I had to check with Pearlstein to find out. and it's true, he loves us! He really loves us!


Pearlstein has written for tons of ad agencies, worked on scads of TV shows, was a top-10 finalist on Project Greenlight, and his short film "Our Time Is Up" was nominated for an Oscar winner. What worried me, of course, was the possibility that he was a single guy on the loose, and then, most likely, just making fun of us preggos. Worried that I was obtusely missing the joke in my eagerness to feel like someone out there lusts me, I tracked him down.

Nope. He's in on it. When I reached him via email, he told me, "My wife Robin and I wanted to do something fun to commemorate her pregnancy. This was it. Not only was she actually pregnant, she stars as the main love interest, and gave birth to our son Asher 8 days after the shoot."

I questioned whether the women in the viddy were really pregnant, because they all have skinny arms, while mine look like turkey legs. But this is LA we're talking about, so yeah, at least 7 of those hotsy-totsy sets of toned arms and thighs are really attached to preggolinas. Sigh.There goes my big excuse.

Nevertheless, Mr. Pearlman, me and my protruding belly button, weird line down my middle, and gotta-pee-all-the-time tendencies salute you. And yes, I'll buy the t-shirt.

What do you think of She Gotta Bump? Are we horrified at the objectification, or loving every minute of it? Tell us in the comments!

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