Pregnancy Weirdness: Red Palms and Soles

red hand
Flickr photo by skinsbbc
Are you scratching your head and feeling anxious about the randomness of your red palms and soles? Well, that's a perfectly normal reaction, but relax!

While it's not that common, palmar erythema isn't anything to be concerned about -- and as Dr. Sears puts it, "Just a curiosity of pregnancy."



This mottled or reddening of the palms and soles is caused by increased estrogen levels during pregnancy. Studies show about 60 percent of white women will experience this, with about 35 percent of African American women too.

The iffy news is, it can get itchy. If this happens, slather on some Eucerin Calming-Itch Relief Treatment. It's fast absorbing and will curb the irritation instantly -- also fragrance-free, it won't overwhelm you.

Good news is, the coloring will fade after the birth of your baby when your hormones even out.

Did you experience palmar erythema or any other pregnancy weirdness?

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