Kelly Preston Expecting Twins?

twin lego astronaut figures
Flickr photo by oskay

Star magazine was the first to report last week that Kelly Preston was pregnant at age 47. And now the tabloid is claiming that the actress and wife of John Travolta is expecting twin boys!

If true, this gives further weight to the likely scenario that Preston conceived through in vitro fertilization, chances are using an egg donor because of her advanced maternal age and the high risk of birth defects if she used one of her own.

Both Preston and Travolta wrote messages on their website last week, indicating they were thrilled to be welcoming a "new addition" to the family. But they have not commented further on what that means. A pet? An adopted child?


While neither the couple nor their publicist would elaborate further on the message, they also have not denied the mass speculation around the web and entertainment gossip circuit that the 47-year-old is pregnant.

Notice: They used the word "addition," not "additions," in their message, which makes me wonder at the accuracy of this latest report.

According to a secret source to Star, Kelly is indeed pregnant through IVF and is already busy preparing for their boys. "She’s having the time of her life looking at all the cute little outfits and toys online,” the source adds.

If true, it makes the news of Preston's pregnancy double wonderful.


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