Stefani: Baby Name of the Day

Lady Gaga
Flickr photo by AFlickion
Would you pay $175 to see a girl named Stefani wear lobsters on her head and sing about poker?

You may already have.

Stefani is the given name of pop superstar Lady Gaga, born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

No, it doesn't sound as regal. Or have quite the same amount of, shall we say, character?


But Stefani -- or the more common spelling, Stephanie -- has its own royal roots.

From the French, it means "crowned in victory," according to CafeMom's Baby Name Finder. Not bad for Gaga's cast-offs.

I went to school with a Stephanie, but I don't hear this one much among the preschool set. So I was surprised to see it's still up there at 105 among girl names in the US, 50 among CafeMom's little girls.

You tell us -- are you Gaga for it?

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