The Pregnant Life: We Can Work It Out

So if I learned anything yesterday, it's that walking is the wrong exercise for me. Which I knew, because my doctor told me that although walking is great for most preggos, it's a bad idea for me because she wants me doing non-impact exercise, like the elliptical or swimming.

Nonetheless, with my 29th week looming just around the corner, I took P to the playground, then went to the flea market with her and my husband, because it seemed like such a normal thing to do on a Sunday. It is!

But nonetheless, by the time we got home, the chipper energy I'd started the day with was gone, and I was leaden and miserable. We had a date to have dinner with pals, and my instinct was to call them and ask them to bring takeout over. I should have gone with it; by the end of dinner I was incapable of rational conversation and just had to cut and run while Randy dealt with our little meltdown-o-leena. Dag nabbit.


I was also supposed to go to prenatal yoga, but I'm dropping out. After the initial super-cheap five-class card, the price goes up tremendously, and I don't feel right dropping that much cash on something I really can do at home. Don't get me wrong, I adore my teacher, I always feel better after class, and I think prenatal yoga is the cat's pajamas. I know it's "worth it," but lots of things are worth it! A BMW is totally worth it, it's an amazing car -- that doesn't mean I have the cash for such a thing. I have to be practical, and I know that with some cat stretches, hip-openers, downward dogs, and lots of nice supported-child's-pose, I can get the same benefits without the group ohm.

Which leaves me with my pal Ellipticus. Isn't he cute? When pricing them online, even checking Craigslist for used models, and despairing of ever finding something I could (a) afford and (b) fit in my not-large apartment, I came across this beaut on Amazon. I love it! Ten minutes on this thing fixes my blood sugar, and I can work up to more 10-minute trips to nowhere as I get more used to it. It's also a great excuse to watch TV, which is always welcome.

Best part is that everyone else in the house loves it too. My husband's been pedaling on it while watching soccer, and my younger stepson thinks it's really fun, which is great because he's scared of a lot of sports but felt totally empowered when he taught himself how to balance and use it last weekend. Penelope mostly likes to crank the resistance up to "walking through water in a bad dream," but that's fun for her too.

It's also extremely, horribly entertaining for anyone watching me. I was really embarrassed the first time I got on it because I kept almost falling. Thank goodness for Randy, who pointed out that my center of gravity shifts daily -- of course I have no balance. Duh. The more I engage more core, the better my balance. ("Engage my core!" That sounds incredibly doofy.) I know for a fact that I look like one of those ballet hippos from Fantasia, or maybe a beach-ball being vigorously bounced by a demented toddler, but that's the nice thing about being pregnant -- you're supposed to look like that!

Anyway, Birdie has been really fun today. I was putting P down for her nap, which involves about 10 minutes of bottle before she flips over onto my chest and starts snoring, and I was surprised she wasn't like "why is my mattress kicking me?" I love, love, love feeling my two daughters humming against each other through my skin. You really cannot imagine how peaceful it is to be all together this way. The calm before the storm, I guess.

I just hope Penelope's intense baby-love carries over to when Birdie is out and making herself known. I can't go anywhere near a baby without P stopping to gaze, babble, kiss, and squeeze toes. I hope with all my heart she'll be that loving with Birdie -- and that Birdie will return the favor. So far, she seems like a friendly little soul, so we'll see. Yet another mom of two -- this time, two boys 15 months apart, now adorable tweens who fussed over P at the flea market -- stopped to tell me how much I would love having two once we got past the initial tough part. Don't you just love moms like that? I do.

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