Hudson: Baby Name of the Day

Baby Hudson
Flickr photo from MHofstrand
The trend toward surnames as first names continues -- with Drew Lachey naming his brand-new son, born last week, Hudson Nicholas Lachey.

The name Hudson comes from Old English and simply means "Hudde's Son." Hudde is a medieval version of Hugh. (Nicer ring than Drewson, huh?) But this name wouldn't be steadily climbing in popularity -- from 587 in the year 2000 to 150 in 2009, according to the SSA -- if people picked this for its derivation. I mean, "son of Hugh" doesn't exactly sound heroic, unless you are a huge House fan.


Hudson has a ring to it because it's the name of a famous explorer (Henry Hudson) and the river he explored, which runs right smack through New York City. Like Madison, Brooklyn, and Bronx, it has a certain urban appeal. It shortens to Hud, though -- a 1963 movie starring Paul Newman as "the man with the barbed wire soul!"

Call me crazy, but I think the rising fame of Kate and Oliver Hudson might have also contributed to the name's popularity -- bringing it front and center. It's sometimes used as a girl's name, but more often as a boy's.

Hudson's not ranked in the CafeMom Baby Name Finder, though there are CafeMoms with sons by this name.

It's got a nice ring to it, and I like that it's not overburdened with history.

What do you think of the name Hudson?

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