Sarah: Baby Name of the Day

sarah jessica parker
Flickr photo by david shankbone
Biblical names never go out of style. They may wane in popularity, but at some point they are always sure to bounce back up.

There is even a website, Biblical Baby Names, that can help you find one of 700 listed, including Michael, Jacob, Matthew, Elizabeth, and the ever beautiful Sarah.

The name is in the news lately thanks to two really famous ones: Sarah Jessica Parker, who has women everywhere perched on their stilettos in anticipation of Sex and the City 2 tomorrow, and Sarah Ferguson, caught on tape trying to sell access to her ex-husband, the Duke of York Andrew, to a reporter.

Sarah ranks 21 on Social Security's Most Popular Baby Name List, the first time it's fallen out of the top 20 in the last decade. Sarah means "princess" or "woman of rank" in Hebrew.


Some other famous Sarahs besides the less than noble Duchess of York include Sarah Palin, actress Sarah Gilbert, skater Sarah Hughes, singer Sarah McLachlan, and this list doesn't even include all the others who spell their name without the H, Sara.

What I find funny about Biblical names is that half the time you hear a name that sounds new or is recently popular, like Sophia, for instance, chances are it's really a very old name from the Bible. Some other surprising Biblical names you might not expect:







Do you have a future Sarah? Will it be spelled with the H or without?

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