Venus: Baby Name of the Day

statue of aphrodite
Flickr photo by stephanweihs
I'm not Greek at all, but my parents named me after a goddess (or a character on The Brady Bunch, I'm not sure which), so I'm always fascinated by other people with names out of Greek mythology. Like Venus Williams, for instance, who's in the news lately for her outrageous lingerie tennis outfit at the French Open.

Greek names kind of work like horoscopes (did you check out our horoscope column this week?). They oftentimes, or at least sometimes, tend to fit the person carrying them. I'm named after Artemis, the goddess of the moon, and the moon has always had a special effect on me.


They say a full moon makes people crazy, but it relaxes me, and I have photographs of the glowing orb around my house for just that purpose. I always want to stay up late on moonlit nights, but I could fall sleep at dusk on any other. I'm scared of the dark, but I love walking in the moonlight.

Either my name becomes me, or I've become it, and I wonder if it's the same for Venus Williams, named after the goddess of love, beauty, and springtime -- a time when love is in the air and passions are high. Venus is the Roman name for Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

I mean, just look at her French Open outfit, not to mention her amazing tennis skills. If all that doesn't say passion, I don't know what does!

Would you name your baby after a planet ... or a Greek god or goddess?

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