Pregnancy Confession: My Niece Was Pregnant First, and I'm Jealous


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We're pregnant, but we're not perfect ...

This week's confession:

"I really hope I have a girl, but here's a reason why I don't want one: My niece (we are close in age) recently had a baby girl and everyone made a big deal about her pregnancy and her baby shower.

"I love both my niece and great niece dearly, but I'm so jealous because I know I'm going to get gypped at my baby shower and end up with all of her hand-me-downs if I have a girl. And what really bothers me as well is that my niece got so much attention from everyone when she was pregnant, and I don't feel that I'm going to get that. We're only five years apart in age, she's 19 and I'm 24, but she and her boyfriend aren't the most stable couple, whereas I've always been the responsible one. I guess I'm just feeling under-appreciated today." -- anonymous


Do pregnant women have a right to feel jealous of family members and friends who get more attention and gifts than they do?

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Have you ever felt that you deserve more attention than you're getting while pregnant?

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xavie... xavierlogan09

my sister was resentful of me because i got pregnant first. she's younger than me. she got pregnant when my son was a month old. but the entire time i was pregnant she was hateful. i kept telling her someday she'll have a baby but she resents me for it even though she's pregnant. she's having a boy too. she wanted a girl and wasn't happy when she found out she was having a son. i told her she should just be happy she's have a child. i know it sucks that she got pregnant before  you but be grateful that you're pregnant. alot of women would love to be pregnant but can't. it shouldn't matter whether or not you have a girl or boy as long as they're healthy.

xavie... xavierlogan09

also my sis is getting a great baby shower too. my grandma was supposed to plan mine but she didn't. now she's planning my sis's baby shower. my dad was supposed to be at the hospital when my son was born but wasn't. he's going to be there for her. she's always gotten treated better than me. so i know how you feel. i'm just grateful for the wonderful little boy i get to be a mother to. 

tazdvl tazdvl

I never felt that I deserved more attention, sorry that you do....think you have a good reason to. I wouldn't worry about hand-me-downs, she may not want to part with anything or may have promised them to someone else. One reason she may be getting so much attention is the fact that she is she isn't in a stable relationship.

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