Pregnancy Confession: My Niece Was Pregnant First, and I'm Jealous

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We're pregnant, but we're not perfect ...

This week's confession:

"I really hope I have a girl, but here's a reason why I don't want one: My niece (we are close in age) recently had a baby girl and everyone made a big deal about her pregnancy and her baby shower.

"I love both my niece and great niece dearly, but I'm so jealous because I know I'm going to get gypped at my baby shower and end up with all of her hand-me-downs if I have a girl. And what really bothers me as well is that my niece got so much attention from everyone when she was pregnant, and I don't feel that I'm going to get that. We're only five years apart in age, she's 19 and I'm 24, but she and her boyfriend aren't the most stable couple, whereas I've always been the responsible one. I guess I'm just feeling under-appreciated today." -- anonymous


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Have you ever felt that you deserve more attention than you're getting while pregnant?

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