Maternity Jeans: Splurge or Suck It Up?

A drawer-full that don't work and the one pair that does
This is the week that my huge collection of maternity jeans, gifted to me by another mom, just stopped working. I've still got 12 weeks to go -- nearly 3 months! -- and I can't stand to wear a single set, no matter how cute. I'm down to one pair of wide-leg denim jeans that I bought last time around -- my splurgey jeans.

The advice I got from more fashionable pals was: Don't get a lot of clothes. Get a few pieces you love, and wear them to death. Since you'll be wearing them every day, it's OK to splurge. Get really, really good jeans.

But how do you know if you're splurging on the right really, really good jeans?


For my fashionista pals, splurging meant spending $200 at 7 For All Mankind. For me, it meant dropping $70 at the Gap, and even that was painful. But man, I love these jeans. Their key? Their wide-leg style, which doesn't pinch my outer thighs or chafe my inner thighs. (The chafing was so bad, my OB-GYN got worried.) The splurge has more than paid for itself -- these pants never find their way into a drawer and get washed more than once a week, while the rest sleep nestled in their cedar bed, unbothered by my ever-expanding heinie.

Because let's face it, it's not all about the bump. For some of us, everything softens and expands, and I'm so annoyed at all these "skinny jeans" that act as if I'm a mannequin with a pad.

Here's the rub: I had no way of knowing which pants would stay comfortable. My splurge could just as easily have turned into a regretty disaster. Nonetheless, right now, I'd gladly shell out $200 for another pair of those wide-leg Gap jeans.

So what's a girl to do? I need pants that are soft, forgiving, and roomy, but don't make me look like Old Macdonald. I'm pretty sure I'm SOL on this one and will be rockin' my one pair of Gap jeans till August.

What were your favorite maternity jeans? Did you have to give up denim, and if so, when?

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