Mariah Carey Wants to Be a Mom and More Pregnancy News

mariah carey
Flickr photo by david shankbone
Will Mariah Carey be the next over-40 mom? Today's roundup of pregnancy links ...

  • Is Mariah Carey trying to get pregnant? According to tabloid sources, she and her husband rapper Nick Cannon were spotted recently outside a building that houses a fertility clinic. So either they're trying to have a baby or they were visiting their accountant. Or a million other possibilities. -- Babble
  • You don't feel like doing much when you're nine months pregnant, all big and bloated. How about breaking into a house and committing burglary? That's what Samantha Brewer of Harrison, Ohio, did. The pregnant woman was arrested on Friday for a series of area burglaries where she'd case a house, wait 'til the people left, break into the house, grab the jewelry box, and return to her car where her other kids waited! -- Crimesider
  • A new study suggests that fertility treatments might be linked to autism. Harvard School of Public Health found that autism was nearly twice as common among the children of women who were treated with the ovulation-inducing drug Clomid and other similar drugs than women who did not suffer from infertility, and the link persisted even after researchers accounted for the women's age. -- Time
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