Pregnancy Announcements: Yea or Nay?

TinyPrints Pregnancy Announcement
$1.74 each at TinyPrints
These days, you can let most friends and family know you're pregnant with a few phone calls and a Facebook announcement. (Or, like me, you can accidentally tip everyone off by posting that you're nauseated in your status update. Who knew they'd all instantly guess why?) But there are options for a more formal announcement: greeting cards, either personalized or generic.

I'm personally baffled by these. They either seem like a request for gifts or a giant bad-luck magnet. It's true that I have faraway friends who are shocked to find out I'm pregnant again. "Wait, is this a second one, or the one you were having when I saw you last time -- when was that again?!" -- but I can barely get holiday cards out. Do friends that far away really rate a stamp?

But no less an authority than TinyPrints has an adorable save-the-due-date option in addition to their baby shower invites. They tempt me with their "cravings" option. And there are other choices, too.


Baby Butts
$14-$16 per 10 on Amazon
Head over to Amazon for plain greeting cards just waiting for your message (and maybe a printout of your ultrasound?), in "we're expecting," "coming soon," and "guess what?" Some even have matching pregnancy notebooks. 





Greeting Card Universe
$2.79  at GreetingCardUniverse
Greeting Card Universe has similar options -- and you have the choice to personalize or not. They have this cute cartoony option, plus others that can also act as baby-shower options. Most interesting choice: a picture of pickles. Hrm.







Peas in the Pod
$0.98 at Zazzle
Good old Zazzle has choices like this "Pea in the Pod" card sprinkled among the shower invites. And if you're having twins or triplets, they have "peas" as well. Cute! 





Would you announce your pregnancy this way? When would you send them? Tell us in the comments!

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