Idina: Baby Name of the Day

Idina Menzel
Photo from Idina Menzel
Idina Menzel's spot on the Glee lineup has me falling for her voice almost as hard as I fell for her sexy hubby way back when Stella Got Her Groove Back

And when I finally stopped singing "I Dreamed a Dream" (or at least found it online so I could indulge in repeated doses sung by MUCH better singers), I started Googling for the source of her unusual name.


Her personal website doesn't offer any ideas, but the facts about the actress at IMDB claim it's a take-off on her great grandmother's name, Ida.

Who's with me on getting down on their knees to thank Mr. and Mrs. Menzel for NOT passing that one on?

Idina, which means "gentle" in Hebrew (born in Syosset, New York, Menzel is Jewish), is exponentially more melodic. Fitting for a woman with those kinds of pipes, wouldn't you say?

Are you a fan of this baby name?

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