Elisabeth Hasselbeck's NFL Maternity Line: Score!

Elizabeth Hasselbeck
Photo from Reebok.com
Did you know more than 40 percent of people who watch football are women? Yes, I said women, and chances are some of those ladies are pregnant. According to research, pregnant women purchase oversize men's football shirts that fit over their bumps during football season.

It's no surprise to hear that Reebok has teamed with Elisabeth Hasselbeck of The View, who just happens to be married to a former NFL quarterback to market and sell form-fitting maternity tees with team logos and cute sayings like ...


"Kicker" and "#1 Draft Pick." Cute! I love this idea and if this T-shirt was around during football season when I was pregnant, I'd no doubt be sporting a Giants one, myself. However, one suggestion, Reebok: Can one of the logos be "Little Linebacker"? My 2 1/2-year-old son is totally demonstrating the skill-set for this position -- toddlers, blocks, sand castles -- nothing is safe.

The prices range from $15 to $17.50 and will make their debut during the fall 2010 football season.

What do you think of this line? Would you wear it? What team logo?

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