Yoga Makes Labor & Delivery Easier

Flickr photo by Eric Lon
Researchers at Prince of Songkla University in Thailand found that yoga practice during pregnancy can decrease certain discomforts of labor. 8 Reasons To Try Prenatal Yoga.

 YuMee Chung, Advance Certified
Jivamukti Yoga Teacher and Co-Founder of Passport to Prana breaks down the power of yoga during labor and delivery:


The yoga expert explains that practicing yoga during pregnancy is a great way to compliment traditional Lamaze classes that teach breathing techniques during labor. "The diaphragm is the primary breathing muscle. Yoga points to increased lung capacity and a better ability to oxygenate the blood."

According to Chung, moms-to-be who practice yoga during pregnancy understand the breath's relationship to the nervous system and they can use the breath to quell feelings of panic and induce calm and focus when necessary -- like when your OB-GYN is saying, "Push-Push-Push!"

Lastly, the pelvic floor is concentrated on during yoga practices. "Expecting women learn something called "mula bandha" (which means the root lock in Sanskrit). The move isolates and strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor during this amped up version of a kegel and this awareness and facility comes in handy during labor."

Did you practice prenatal yoga?

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