Floating Baby T-Shirt: Cute or Creepy?

Photo from Bellablumaternity.com
Maternity clothes aren't what our moms wore -- oh no! These days pregnant women are stepping out in form-fitting duds and even Indian Punjabi outfits.

What else is gracing a bump in this modern day of pregnancy? Quirky T-shirts.



The Floating Baby Short Sleeve Tee by Bella Blu Maternity is turning heads left and right. The black cotton tee is stamped with a stark white outline of a fetus blowing bubbles, attached to an umbilical cord.

Would I wear this? Yes, with jeans and flip flops -- why not! I think it's different and silly! It's marked down by $13, so shop BellaBluMaternity.com now if you dig it like me.

What do you think: Is it cute or creepy?

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