Bed Rest Strategies to Keep You Sane

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I was hoping to headline this post "Making Bed Rest Fun," but quickly realized there is probably not much that could make that possible, so instead, this is about making it tolerable.

Yesterday, we defined bed rest and the variety of different incarnations it can take. Now we want to talk about what happens when you are told bed rest, particularly strict and very strict, is necessary.

The first thing to do is go to Sidelines, a company specializing in helping families with high risk pregnancies. Alex, a mom of three from Seattle, said she was hooked up with a "bed rest buddy" (another woman on bed rest) and they were able to talk each other through some of the low points. 

Other tips include:



Must get: iPod loaded with audio books, a laptop, shower seat, stacks of new magazines, DVDs for the computer (try entire television shows), little baskets to hold the various small items that will accumulate around the bed, take out menus, audio guided meditations, a variety of books in every genre.

Keep nearby: Credit card (for online shopping), hair conditioner (hair tends to get dry when it is up against the bed all the time),comfortable mattress pad.

Friends: Many on bed rest welcome visitors. Make sure people know that. Tell them what you need and don't be afraid to ask them to pick things up for you or cook for you or whatever you need. When you are back up and running, you can return the favor.

Other Ideas:

Estheticians who do house calls. Very often, mothers-to-be complain that they are unable to do the little things that make them feel attractive -- painting their toenails, trimming their hair. Many estheticians will do house calls, particularly for moms on bed rest.  

Try a new craft. Obtain a book on knitting or crocheting or needlepoint or have a friend show you how to get started. It is a great way to ease the frustration by staying productive.

Remember: This is not forever. It is all for a good cause.

Anything we have left off? What did you do that helped?

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