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So the always adorable Amy Adams has a new baby girl named Aviana! Aviana. Well, it's very pretty, but I've got to admit I've never met anyone with that name. In fact, it's been a bit of a challenge to find out its origin.

Aviana does not show up in the Social Security Administration's baby-name website. BabyNamesWorld has only 3 respondents with this name – two are male, one is female. Spelled with two Ns (Avianna), it's more often a girl's name, and the general concensus seems to be that it's a combination of "Ava" and "Ana," two very pretty, classic names. It also means "Bearer of Good News," though in what language, I can't quite determine.

However, go back to a Latin root – Avis – and Avianna becomes "bird," which is lovely, and soooo much nicer than "Sparrow Madden."

Aviana is also the name of a plus-sized bra company, a resort in Florida, and coolest/geekiest of all, a demigoddess in the World of Warcraft online game. Hmm, is Amy Adams a gamer like Felicia Day?

Though it's not ranked on CafeMom, there are 36 CafeMoms with daughters named Aviana.

What do you think of the name Aviana? Do you know anyone with this name?

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Britt... BrittanyD07

I think its very pretty. Theres not alot of girl names I like, but this name is so different and rare. I would consider it if I had a girl.

sodapple sodapple

i don't know anyone but i like it =-)

littl... littlestchef

This is the first time I have ever seen this name any else than my own head!  Yay! I so claim this name,however, one of our close friends named their daughter Ava, and thought that it would be a little too close to use for our own....but maybe a middle name?

Avianna Danta

I can tell you where my name came from. When my mom was pregnant with me she was watching TV. The air base in Aviano Italy was on TV. She said to my dad ( who is 100%) italian, "what a beautiful name of a city/air base." He agreed. They looked up the name in Italian and it means " little bird". Well that was it. My mom and dad loved it so much that here I am 14 year later with that name. I have to tell you. I love it. I am constantly getting compliments on my name and have recently seen in our local paper two babies that were named "Avianna". I am a little bird. I am petite and love to flit and move around. My friends call me "Avi". If any one uses the name please be sure it goes with the last name. It is an ethnic name and should be used as such. Well there it is. The name Avianna and how 1 person got their name! Enjoy!!!!!

nonmember avatar Me

My Princess Avianna was born 16 years ago. Her father heard the name while listening to the world news at work. They were discussing a story about Germany. Although we had agreed on a different name, as soon as he said Avianna I knew it was the name for her. A couple of my brother's classmates have sinced named their girls that, but with different spelling. We have problems with people mispronouncing the name. It's Avianna--Ey Vi Un Ah (soft and smooth) not A Vi Ann Ah. Her nickname is also Avi, but her friends affectionately call her Ava making fun of the many TEACHERS that say it wrong. My daughter is a butterfly, beautiful inside and out. She's an All A student, cheerleader & dancer. Great Name!

nonmember avatar Alicia

My four year old daughter is named avian pronounced ah ve anna people always ask where I get it from and being Italian I took it from the city of aviano and named her middle name Maria we call her avi and sometimes avi Maria almost like the song

Bill Gates

My wife and I picked this name for our daughter eight years ago. At the time I picked it off a website with unusual names and saw that it meant "God's living grace." As out daughter was adopted, we thought it perfect. I wish I had saved the website because when I search now, I can't find anyplace that gives me that same meaning...

nonmember avatar Aviana

I'm 20 and this is my name. My parents liked Ariana, but wanted a unique name and changed the r to a v. It's a short name, but still four syllables. I love it though. Can't believe it's becoming more popular. Sorry girl who thought she claimed this name ;)

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