Tracy -- Baby Name of the Day

letter T painted on wall
Photo by dumbledad
Tracy. Tracey. Traci.

According to baby name sources, it comes from Gaelic roots and means "warlike" after Thracia, a province of the Roman Empire that was part of the Norman conquest.

Of the moment, it's also the name of Mark Souder's mistress: Tracy Jackson.

The Indiana Congressman announced his plans to resign yesterday amid reports he had an affair with Jackson, an aide who handled public relations and communications in his district office.

The name Tracy is one of those that started out as a boy name and is now almost exclusively female.


Hopefully the current association won't ruin the super-cute name's contention on potential moms' baby names lists -- for a girl, or if they're daring and old-fashioned, a boy.

Here are some other famous Tracys:

Spencer Tracy, American actor

Tracy Chapman, American singer

Tracey Gold, American child star who's perhaps most famous for struggling with anorexia

Tracy Pollan, wife of Michael J. Fox

Tracey Ullman, comedienne and voice of Marge on The Simpsons

Would you consider the name Tracy for your baby's name?

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