Mominatrix Is Pregnant Again!

blogger kristen chase
Photo from Kristen Chase
My pregnancy announcement delivery method was too boring -- I just told people. The Star Wars pregnancy announcement was too much. But Kristen Chase, blogger for Motherhood Uncensored and The Sometimes Single Mom on The Stir, did it just right.

She titled her blog post "The Secret" and ran several pictures of herself looking gorgeous and sexy as usual in her trademark black low-cut cocktail dress and red high heels. She affixed little posties to the photos calling attention to different pregnancy signs:

Tired eyes


Sucking in



Loose dress. Can breathe ...

Followed by an ultrasound picture announcing GIRL!

Kristen, also known as Mominatrix and named one of our Sexiest Moms 2010, deserves those titles, as this will be her fourth child! She has two daughters and a son, and by looking at her, you'd never know it.

Congrats, Kristen, we love you and look forward to hearing about your pregnancy every step of the way!


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