How Can a C-Section Keep Your Kid From Eating Bread?

Flickr photo by grendellion
As if moms who give birth via c-section don't have enough to worry about, what with asthma risks and that painful scar.

Now scientists say letting the docs cut baby from your belly could turn your child into a celiac.


In a study of 2,000 children, doctors compared the mode of birth to the child's likelihood of developing a number of inflammatory bowel conditions.

The only link they could come up with was an 80 percent higher risk the kids would develop celiac disease, a condition of the small intestine that's irritated by the consumption of foods containing gluten -- especially all forms of wheat.

Now for the good news -- the doctors claim a link, but the folks at the Celiac Disease Foundation estimate 1 in 133 Americans has some form of celiac disease, and many go undiagnosed. Which begs the question -- is the risk truly higher with a c-section or are the growing numbers of c-sections simply meeting the growing number of celiac diagnoses?


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