Ronnie -- Baby Name of the Day

ronald mcdonald house sign
Flickr photo by ell brown
Some of you will associate the name Ronnie with Ronnie James Dio, the Black Sabbath frontman, who died yesterday at age 67 after battling stomach cancer.

Others who dislike heavy metal songs about dragons might think of our 40th US President, Ronald Reagan.

I, however, associate the name first and foremost with my dad. Ronnie, or technically Ronald, is his first name, too.

After my father, I simply can't think of any other notable Ronalds. Except Ronald McDonald. But do marketing gimmicks even count?


Ronald is not a name that many parents consider for their baby boys anymore. And I have to admit to being one of them. I can feel free to talk about this here because my father doesn't have an interest in reading my blogs since I don't write about politics, crime scene investigation, crab boat fishing, war, or guns.

That is my dad, and I love that and everything about him ... I just didn't want my son to have his name. First of all, we already have two in the family -- my father, Ronald William, and my brother, Ronald Jeffrey. But my parents always called him Jeff. He's pretty grateful for that. He agrees with me that for some reason, the name just sounds ... something.

So my second-of-all was ... simply the way the name sounded. Dad never even suggested we name our son after him, that's not his style. We never really discussed it, and I think he likes the name we picked for my son just fine. But was that too superficial of me? Is it okay to dislike the name of a parent to the point you wouldn't even consider it for your child?

Ronald is one of those declining-in-popularity-since-the-1940s names. According to the Social Security Administration's Most Popular Baby Names List, Ronald ranks 341 on the list of boy names, so some people are still choosing that name. Just not me.

Then again, I wouldn't have chosen my name for my daughter either, and I guess it's a perfectly fine name, too. When it fits it fits, when it doesn't it doesn't.


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