Baby Shower Themes: Bedtime for Baby

Goodnight Moon
Photo from Amazon
Bedtime stories are one of my standby gifts at a baby shower.

They fulfill my passion for spreading the love of the written word, they're not often gifted and therefore unlikely to be a repeat, and I have an excuse to hit the bookstore.

So when I saw bedtime stories as the baby shower theme over at Hostess With the Mostess, I was entranced.


They suggest literally turning your tables into beds, using a sheet instead of a tablecloth, and adding pillows and even stuffed animals (which naturally go home with the mom-to-be).

The details are pretty open to interpretation, but if you know the new mom has a favorite bedtime tale, it would be easy to get more specific.

I'd love to do a Goodnight Moon shower, complete with striped sheets that match the bunny's striped PJ's, stuffed bunnies at the head of the table, and a rocking chair for mom to sit in to open her presents.

Other touches: A mouse to find, kittens and mittens on the cups, and a cake that's shaped like the moon.

You can skip the bowl full of mush.

What bedtime story do you think would make a great baby shower theme?

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