SATC's Cynthia Nixon Is a Package Deal

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Are you pregnant with baby #2 or 3 or 4 -- but also have a child from a previous marriage or relationship? If so, you're a proud package deal like Sex and the City star, Cynthia Nixon. She told The Advocate: “I feel like falling in love with her [partner Christine Marinoni] is part of being amazed at how she makes our family so much better.” 

Welcoming Marinoni into the family made it that much stronger too.


With SATC 2 about to debut in theaters, Nixon is one busy mom and thanks to the support of her partner, who the children refer to as their "second mom," she's able to focus on work -- Marinoni is home with the kiddos. Mira Sorvino believes kids suffer with sitters.

As you know, I'm a (proud) package deal too! As I date and explore the idea of a relationship, I look forward to a duel-parenting partnership -- in addition to more babies. The modern family is a magical one!

I'd love to hear from some "package deal" pregnant women who have a child from a previous relationship -- has the process of transitioning into a new family been easy or hard? What does your child call his stepparent? 

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