Actress Bree Turner Opts for Form-Fitting Maternity Wear

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The Ugly Truth actress, Bree Turner, 33, is due with a baby girl on July 2. She graces the current cover of Pregnancy in a belly-hugging lemon-colored top -- and she looks fresh and feels fab! That top has something to do with it.

“I always pictured myself [pregnant] in big muumuus and tent dresses as some big earth mama,” she told the magazine.


She quickly realized baggy clothes didn't exactly flatter her babylicious figure.

“But I put those things [muumuus] on and they just made me feel fat, not pregnant and sexy. So I decided that more form-fitting things make me feel better.”

I never bought one top or dress in a maternity clothes store. I simply went up a size in regular clothing and showed off my bump in flattering figure-clinging clothing. Non-maternity clothes are all the rage!

What about you -- did you opt for form-fitting clothes that showed off your belly or did you prefer loose, airy clothes?

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