Mira Sorvino Believes Kids Suffer With Sitters

Flickr photo by *clarity*
Oscar winner Mira Sorvino and mommy to three young kids (Mattea, 5 1/2, Johnny, 3 1/2, and newest addition, Holden, 10 months) may be a celebrity, but she doesn't have a nanny per child -- she doesn't even have one.

She told PARADE magazine: "You see your kids suffer when you leave them with someone else." This outrageous statement means the star sometimes has to choose between career and motherhood because she thinks you can't have it all -- something has to suffer.


Sorvino reportedly turned down several roles so she could be at home with her babies. "I don't want my kids raised by nannies" is her reasoning -- and I'm not saying it's a bad thing for moms to stay at home with the kiddos -- I'm just saying generalizing women who work and leave their kids with nannies or at day-care with words like "suffer" is a little much for me.

Pregnancy affords moms-to-be and their partners nine joyous months to think about childcare options for when junior makes his grand entrance into the world. Sorvino undoubtedly can afford to stay home with her kids, but I for example need to work, so my 2 1/2-year-old son attends a full-time pre-K program three days a week for a pretty penny.

I never feel like his teachers are "raising him" in the six to eight hours he spends at school -- or that he's enduring any kind of pain. He's doing art, singing the ABC's, learning sign language and Spanish, socializing with kids his age, playing outside, singing, dancing. According to his last activity sheet: "JD loved painting with a feather" -- yep, the feather art is on the fridge.

I'm also trying to figure out what Sorvino is saying about women in general. Are we destined to be barefoot and pregnant -- raise the babies while our big, strong man works hard? Cringe.

Pregnant moms, have you thought about childcare for your yet-to-be-born baby?

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