Hula-Hoop Your Way Through Pregnancy

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Staying in shape while you're pregnant doesn't have to be a tiresome chore or a boring, easy-does-it walk on the treadmill. Pump up your prenatal workout by hula-hooping. Yes, I said hula-hooping, and yes, it's safe and, even better, fun!

"Hula-hooping or hoop-dancing is a great way to stay fit during and after pregnancy. Since there's no impact on the joints, it makes the exercise safe for expecting women bearing additional weight on their bodies," says Jennifer Giamo, NSCA Certified Fitness Trainer and owner of JG Fit, a New York City-based health and fitness company. Giamo shares more benefits of hula-hooping during pregnancy after the jump.


A growing baby bump can cause pregnant women to feel off-balance and even cause a clumsy move or two -- hula-hooping can help. "Hoop-dancing can improve balance and coordination because it strengthens the core [abdominals/center]," says Giamo.

Best of all, Giamo boasts, "Hula-hooping makes you feel like a kid" -- from one mom to another, I agree and, ahem, this is excellent practice for those hula-hooping contests you'll no doubt be challenging your child to down the road. 

Not so fast -- don't run off and buy just any hula-hoop. I found one with you and your baby in mind. The Hoopnotica-Preg-O is lighter in weight and wider in width compared to standard hoops -- designed specifically to be gentler on the body. It's not your kid's bubblegum pink hoop either -- the stylish silver ring is decorated with prism reflective laser tape in your choice of hot pink, teal blue, or neon green.

Did you hula-hoop during pregnancy to stay fit?

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