7 Irresistible Baby Beauty Products You'll Use Yourself


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I love being a mom for a lot of reasons. It's a rewarding job that pays far more than any paycheck. It comes with endless kisses from tiny mouths and a small hand in mine. It brings pride and joy and delight.

It also brings loads of yummy beauty products I shamelessly admit to using every single day. Sometimes I wonder how I ever got on without them!

1. Johnson's Baby Lotion: This creamy and rich lotion isn't greasy and makes me smell shower-fresh.

2. Johnson's Cucumber Melon Powder: The light and airy fruity-fresh fragrance is the reason I don't wear perfume in the summertime.

3. Jurlique Baby's Soothing Bubble Bath: I pour this gentle cleanser onto a washcloth like I would an adult body wash and lather up. The lavender/minty scent is both calming and refreshing.

4. Aveeno Lavender and Vanilla Lotion: This lotion smells like a flowery cupcake. Enough said.

5. Seventh Generation Baby Wipes: These unscented, super-gentle wipes are infused with vitamin E and aloe -- and make an awesome eye makeup-remover. Trust me.

6. Baby Magic Blossoms Hair and Body Wash: You know what a cold green apple smells like when you slice it open? This potion smells the exact same way. Makes for a refreshing shower after a hot day on the beach.

7. Burt's Bees Baby Bee Buttermilk Bath: Buttermilk, which is rich in fats and emollients, is also a great cleanser that leaves my skin feeling, well, like my baby's -- silky-soft.

Your turn: What baby products do you love?

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sodapple sodapple

definetly  johnson's baby lotion!

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