The Perfect Maternity Bra

$20 at Big Girl Bras
What do you look for in a maternity bra?

I haven't had a bra off my body, except to shower, in months. I love my Victoria's Secret cotton bras, but the underwire is starting to bug me, and I'm wondering if there are other options I'd like more.

With only about 13 weeks to go in my pregnancy, I'm not about to go out and buy anything ... but a girl can dream. I think that my ideal bra, at this point, would have:

  • Front closure -- I'm not about to pull anything over my head, and the extra step of fastening the back closure, then doing the twist-around-and-flip-up move that entertains my husband so much is starting to wear on me.
  • Cotton -- Like I said, I'm loving my breathable boob-bottlers and can't stand the feeling of fake, rough fabric against my princess-and-the-pea sensitive skin.
  • Serious support -- I may look like Mad Men's Peggy Olson from the Empire waist down, but boobs-up I'm all Joan, baby.
  • Plunging neckline -- The thing I hate about most of my nursing bras is that they show under all my shirts, which is why I ended up wearing a nursing tank every day, the first time around. It'd be nice to have bras that didn't scream "foundation garment."

From what I can tell, my best bet is the Exquisite Form Cotton Front Close Bra (just $20 at Big Girls Bras, but who the hell wants to shop at a place called Big Girls anything?), so if I were to indulge, this is what I'd get.

P.S. These nursing bras from Wal-Mart look amazing! If I post them here, maybe I'll remember to get them when the time comes.

What's your maternity bra solution? Did you bother, or just make do with what you had?

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