Danica McKellar's Racy "Maxim" Spread ... *Sigh*

Danika McKellar
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriquez/Getty
Someone tell me why Danica McKellar appears in a scanty array of black bra, panties, and thigh-high boots in Maxim?

Did she get bored with math? I can't blame her there, but ... Maxim? Really?

This is Winnie Cooper we're talking about. Wholesome, cute, girl-next-door Winnie from The Wonder Years, now a wife and expectant mama in her second trimester ... the new eye candy of the moment.

Kendra Wilkinson, yes. Danica McKellar, no.


It's the week of pregnant mamas shining their sex appeal in popular magazines. Monica Bellucci did it in lingerie for Vanity Fair Italy and Claudia Schiffer posed au naturel on Vogue Germany.

The 35-year-old McKellar has said before that she's tired of the wholesome image. It's time for a change, more opportunities for different roles. She's never really stopped acting since The Wonder Years ended its run in 1993, but always in small roles for B-list programs. In recent years she's been going slightly more high-profile, appearing in small roles in more popular shows like NYPD Blue, How I Met Your Mother, Navy NCIS, and Law & Order. She's also a math whizz and published author, penning the 2007 Math Doesn't Suck: How to Survive Middle School Math guide for girls.

It's not the worst spread I've seen. And I've seen plenty. I continue to, unfortunately. Every time I visit my parents' house, my treasure-hunting kids "discover" another old issue stashed in a drawer or box from when my little brother lived at home years ago. Just try to explain that to a 7- and 5-year-old.

McKellar's poses showing off her athletic pre-baby body are actually way more tasteful than what I've had the pleasure of viewing in past issues. And, okay, I kinda like the ensembles in slides 2 and 7 and may actually wear those in the right setting ...

Ehem, but it still reminds me of those calendars that mechanics like to hang in their garages. I'm pretty sure little "Kevin" wouldn't approve. Or maybe, just like with "Winnie," that's how I'd like to keep my image of Kevin, my little brother, anyone's little brother.

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