"Hello Baby" iPhone App: Pro Life or Not?

Check out this new pregnancy iPhone/iPad app and tell me it doesn't beat the pants off all those arcane newsletters and email updates you get from some of the baby sites ...

The "Hello Baby" app for the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad developed by Pampers lets you experience your baby's development in a simulated life-size way right on the screen. Enter your due date to track week-by-week progress and get updates on developmental milestones.

You can even hold the phone or pad up to your tummy to imagine your baby inside you.

Now, the controversy. Some bloggers say Hello Baby helps the pro-life cause.


"This prompts me to think an iPad abortion app would be a good idea," writes pro-life blogger Jill Stanek. "Enter the correct information to see the age, size, and development of your baby and then how the baby would be aborted."

Thoughts? If this iPhone app is considered pro life, could we say the same for an ultrasound?

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