Bryn -- Baby Name of the Day

letter B painted on wall
Flickr photo by takomabibelot
Maybe the reason that Jill Zarin accidentally tweeted that Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel gave birth to a boy when she really had a girl wasn't a mistake at all. Maybe when she heard what her buddy-but-not-really had named the child -- Bryn -- she assumed it had to be a boy, as Bryn is traditionally a boy's name.

I must admit I love the name, in the same way I love Quinn for a girl. Frankel hasn't explained why she chose the name for her baby daughter, but she probably knows that it has Welsh roots, meaning "hill" or "mound." The feminine version is usually spelled with two n's -- Brynn.


There's a variation I love even more: Brynlee. Something about the way it sounds and looks feels very Emily Bronte to me.

The most famous Bryn I know isn't a boy or a girl but a college ... Bryn Mawr College is a liberal arts women's university in Pennsylvania. Bryn Mawr means "large hill."

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