Katie Holmes Pregnancy Clue: Baggy Clothes?


katie holmes filming new movie
Photo from Splash News

Yesterday, the celebrity rumor mill was buzzing that Alicia Keys is pregnant because she was spotted in a baggy shirt at a performance in the Netherlands. And now bloggers are applying the same theory to Katie Holmes in claiming she's now pregnant.

Despite denials from Holmes' publicist, a Babble blogger insists Katie's current clothing choices, loose-fitting pants, oversized sweaters on a hot day, and baggy, buttoned-down shirts, are a dead giveaway that Suri's mom has another bun in the oven.

Holmes is currently filming in New York City for Son of No One, the story of a young cop who confronts an old secret that threatens to destroy his life when assigned to a precinct in the working class neighborhood where he grew up. That could be reason enough to believe the publicist.

That's not to say she couldn't disguise a small baby bump with some good camera angles and clever wardrobe skills, like to the right. This picture was taken a few days ago on the set. Notice the baggy shirt and long jacket? These are the types of things Holmes has been wearing in her normal life as well.

The Babble writer argues:

"Women in the early stages of pregnancy tend to wear looser clothing than usual, myself included. Why? Well, for one reason, it is way more comfortable. The second reason is that you come to believe that people might be able to guess that you are pregnant a good while before they actually can. Nonetheless, to guard against the fear of being discovered, you start wearing clothing that is much less fitted, long before you actually have to."

Is there any truth to this, or is this more of everyone wanting Katie to get pregnant very badly? So, so badly that they continue to write speculative articles with headlines such as "Katie Holmes Pregnant" in hopes of virtually knocking her up. And if that doesn't work, we'll probably continue to talk about her clothes.

Did you wear baggy clothes long before you had to for fear of someone guessing you were pregnant?

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squish squish

I didn't know they could make baggy pants so tight.

These kind of rumors are always so stupid and intrusive.

debbym debbym

I am sooooo glad she was not pregnant! She knows nothing about parenting!

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