Baby Name Regret Strikes 1 in 5 Parents and More Pregnancy News

no name road sign
Flickr photo by NatalieMaynor

Ready for the weekend? Here are some interesting pregnancy-related tidbits to share as you socialize ...

  • There's something to be said for common baby names. One in five parents says they regret their child's name. Most of them picked something trendy or unusual, but once the novelty wore off, they wished they'd stuck with a classic like John. -- The Daily News
  • We need to strike the phrase "eating for two" from the pregnancy books. Half the women in the country are overweight when they get pregnant, and these women are putting themselves and their babies at risk when they gain more than they should, according to a new study. While normal weight women are told a 25-pound weight gain is normal and healthy, bigger women should definitely NOT be eating for two and only gain about 15 pounds. -- ABC News
  • The face of the typical American mom is changing. She's over 35, college-educated, and in a stable marriage that's less likely to end in divorce. This is the first time that births by older moms exceed those of teens. That birth rate is declining -- but is that due to more abortions or teens not having sex? -- Washington Post
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