Is Alicia Keys Pregnant?

Flickr photo by ozz314
Rumor has it that Alicia Keys has more than Butterflyz in her tummy. Bossip is reporting that Keys is pregnant with a baby by her long-time boyfriend Swizz Beatz.

The rumor is based on pictures from the weekend in which Keys appears to be sporting a baby bump and in the wake of a report last week by HipHopWeekly that claims a source "close to the couple" verified the rumor that she has a "gut full of swizzy" ... as they so eloquently put it.


I admit in the second picture she could pass for pregnant, but it could also very easily just be the result of a camera angle and an oversized shirt.

I'm not convinced, but if she is, then some of that Armani she's planning to wear on her upcoming tour may need to be altered.

Do you hope Alicia Keys is pregnant?

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