Decorating a Nursery -- On a Budget!


nurseryIf you have the space for a nursery, make sure you plan ahead, spend wisely, and get creative with the decor.

Let's face it, not all of us have the resources to spend thousands, or hundreds, on the baby nursery. But designing a warm and welcoming room for you and your baby doesn't have to be expensive. Put your own creative touch to the room and be financially savvy about it with these helpful tips.

 Tip #1: Do It Yourself.

Labor costs can get extremely high when it comes to decorating a nursery, so the best way to save money is to decorate the room yourself -- paint the walls and the furniture, put up the shelving, and sew the quilts. The more you can do yourself, the more you'll save.

Tip #2: Create a Nursery Budget.

Before you start anything, create a budget for the nursery using the Learnvest budgeting calculator. Decide on a spending limit and write down all expenses, starting with the most important items. While you'll be tempted to decorate your nursery with various embellishments, your budget will tell you exactly how much you have to spend on additional items after the necessities have been taken care of. If you find yourself spending too much too quickly, it'll be easier to differentiate between the "must-haves" and the items that you and your baby can live without.

Tip #3: Paint! Paint! Paint! And Don't Forget Color.

If you opt for paint instead of wallpaper, you can save hundreds of dollars. The wallpaper, the adhesive, the handyman hired to do the job -- it all adds up. So pick out a fun color and start painting. Painting doesn't have to be a chore; team up with your husband, get out your favorite tunes, and spend a Saturday painting the walls together. If you're worried about your painting ability or are short on time, make it easier and more enjoyable by sponge-painting the walls.  

The color of the nursery doesn't have to baby blue or light pink either; go bold and bright with fun shades of orange, yellow, purple, blue, or pink. Pick a color that inspires you and one that you love! Bright and cheerful colors will "grow" with the child as well. Baby colors are nice but they won't last long and you'll find you have to repaint before you know it.  

Tip #4: Expand Storage Space With Wall Shelving.

Create new ways to store baby items by adding adjustable shelving on the walls or clothing rods on the doors. You can buy a do-it-yourself kit in almost any Bed Bath & Beyond or Target, and you'll enjoy the extra space.

Tip #5: Get Help From Your Baby Shower.

Baby showers are a great way to collect items that you'll need and want for your nursery room -- without spending a dime. Your friends want to give you something that you'll use, so register for certain items you've been eyeing -- bedding, furniture, toys, and curtains. 

Tip #6: Get Help From Hand-Me-Downs.

Ask your family and friends who've had children if you can borrow hand-me-downs. Unless he or she is planning to have a baby soon, your relative or friend will be more than happy to lend you his/her baby toys, beddings, or lightly used furniture.

Also, you can find good deals and quality items at discount stores or garage sales. Repaint and reuse for a great cheap way to decorate. Remember that safety comes first. I would suggest investing in a new crib or bed that's guaranteed to be safe and then buy additional items at the garage sales or discount stores.


Don't despair if you're trying to decorate a nursery on a budget -- just get clever and creative! You can create a wonderful and affordable nursery by simply preparing a budget, putting in a little effort, and thinking out of the box. Happy decorating!

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oxyge... oxygen0209

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sodapple sodapple

if the appartment we are now was ours i will be painting and making a mess of the house but since its not, it's pretty much white. the only colors are the paintings that our older daugther has made

asil asil

i don't think painting the walls in a nursery is a good idea, but that's just me.  we have "antique white" walls throughout our house and i LOVE it that way.  sounds boring, but we add pops of color with accessories.  my girls have matching bedspreads and sheets, a pink curtain, and pink and green wall art... if there were any more color in their room i'm not sure they'd be able to sleep!

Carey... Carey2006

I would also add...keep in mind that your child wouldn't be a baby for too long so be sure to look for things that are versatile/have multifunction/uses

frysh... fryshannon34

We have to everything on a budget .I really appreciate all these tips!

tazdvl tazdvl

Thanks for the tips!

Pnukey Pnukey

Nursery decorating can be fun, but really, anything will do.


Good tips. I think that it can be easy if you just use a little bit of creativity.

momof... momoflilangel

We can't paint this house b/c we are renting but good ideas.

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