Best Fertility Centers Revealed and More Pregnancy News

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A list of the 10 best fertility centers in the US, based on their record of helping couples get pregnant. --

States that voted Democratic in the last two presidential elections had the lowest divorce and teen pregnancy rates in the country. "Red" states that voted largely Republican and preach "family values," such as abstinence before marriage, have the highest rates of teen pregnancies as well as divorce. Well, you actually have to get married to get divorced. Couples in liberal states don't always. As for the pregnancy issue, read the transcript of All Things Considered for two researchers' theory. -- NPR

Want that baby out of there but opposed to the medical Pitocin route? A blogger shares tips for starting labor the natural way, some you've heard before and some you haven't. Warning: Make sure baby is fully cooked before attempting this advice. -- Rookie Moms

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